Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm a rocker damn it!

I just got home from the amazing town of WENDOVER! Yeah, not too much that is amazing about itactually, but I still managed to have a great time. It's like a very miniature Vegas. I was there for a photo shoot of sorts on the Salt Flats along with several other women (no there will be no pictures posted on this blog or any other for that matter). The photographer organized a carpool. The driver of the car I was assigned to, bless her raving little heart, only listens to techno house electronica...(whatever you want to call it) music. As soon as I get in the car the driver asks if I like electronica music and being the polite person I am I say "sure, it's cool" and it the right circumstances or in small doses. So for the 2 hour drive up, the 20 minute drive to and from the salt flats, and the 2 hour drive back home it was nothing but umpst umpst umpst on the speakers. I am happy to report that I am now safely home in my apartment and Aurora and I are listening to the new STAIND album as loud as possible so that the Gods of rock and roll do not put a curse on me! Oh sweet screaming lyrics, guitar, base, I missed you!

I'd like to offer a special shout out to my virtual blogger friends who are now becoming my real life friends. You all decent people and I am no worse off for having met you. ;)
Much love to Doni for organizing things and to Sarah, Kel, and Helmey for attending. I look forward to running into all of you again in the very near future!


kel said...

Your friend the driver should have supplied you all with Ecstacy. It's the only way to truly appreciate techno.

Newport beach is about 1 1/2 hours from's completely OC, just like you see on tv. I'm not allowed to go there, since my chest size is not 36DD and I don't have plastic anywhere on my body.

Courtney said...

This post rocked!!! Can't help but laugh at the umpst, umpst, umpst!! As Jeff would say "LONG LIVE METALLICA" (Concert btw, on November 3rd at the E-Center, you should come with us!)

Latent Image said...

The most shocking thing about this: staind has a new album?

Salt City Mistress said...

Definitely looking forward to my next trip in town!