Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hiking brings out the warm fuzzy feelings.

I went hiking yesterday up Little Cottonwood Canyon. At the very top of the canyon, past (or maybe inside of) Alta Ski resort, there is the Sunset Peak/Albion Basin loop and it is a killer! I'm talking serious hard labored breathing here. Although I was in the group that made it to the top first, I really felt like keeling over and dying. But the pay off at the top, as always, was worth it!

The group I hike with are all real down to earth cool people who would rather shop at REI than Nordstrom. I fall somewhere in the middle but am still considered the token girly-girl of the group. That said, I am no where near the girly girl that most of my friends are. For example, one of my best friends, Karina (the Russian Queen), decided that for my birthday she would buy me a hat because she knows I like them and I wear them when I hike. Where does my beautiful friend go to buy me a hat? Why BEBE of course! The hat is actually perfect for me. It makes a statement that I am a designer hiker (or something like that)...only problem is, the group I hike with has no idea who BEBE is!

I got home from trekking my stylish self up and down the mountain, sore and exhausted, and decided to whine a little to my sister.

Text conversation:

Me: OMG! My hike was so hard tonight! I am so freaking sore from working out too! I need an ass massage!

Sis: You aren't suggesting that I do it are you?

Me: LOL! Yes...why else would I text u that?

Sis: Well I'm flattered but...

Me: Dang it! Where's a man to use when u need one?

Sis: I know right? We need a man on call at all times!

10 minutes later

Me: Speaking of a man on call...I just go a call from Sven (my Swedish love, not his actual name though). He is in Vegas right now :(

Sis: Well that's still too far...we both need to work on finding someone within a ten mile radius!

Me: LOL! They exist???

Sis: Um...I don't know!

Me: It might be an urban legend...but I guess there is no harm in trying?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how single women think, or at least how they text.


Salt City Mistress said...

It's so sad and yet so funny how true that text conversation is!

BTW, I will be coming through SLC next weekend and I was planning on posting a get together for Saturday night the 23rd. It will start out a girl's night and then add the boys later on. Chip Haskell said he thought you and I would get along famously! I'll definitely let you know where we decide on for the 23rd if you're available.

Smart Went Crazy said...

I'm such an urban legend, and that will be my profession when people ask me "what do you do for a living?"