Friday, January 30, 2009

Damn cat! Damn Boyfriend!

A while ago Karina the Russian and I decided that the one good thing about having an albino retard cat (Bodie), was that we could blame him for everything. House is a mess? Damn cat! No food in the kitchen? Damn cat!! Stub your toe? Damn cat!!! Start your period? Having a bad hair day? DAMN CAT!!! It has been an ongoing joke for a while now, especially over text messages.

"I've been running around all day. So tired. No gym. Damn cat!"

"Gonna be late! Damn cat! Be there in 20."

"OMG! Is this some kind of f'ing joke?? 3rd day I'm turning on the radio and Hoobastank is on AGAIN! F@*%ING CAT!

And my personal favorite, sent from Karina while trying to navigate the Denver airport.

"Did you know Island 3 and Island Street sounds the same to a Russian person?! Damn cat! I already made a few people laugh here!"

So Wednesday night ED came over. We both decided to put homework on hold and just have a quality stress free night together. We watched The Daily Show, The Soup and American Idol (Salt Lake City auditions) while munching on Kettle Corn. We cuddled on the couch, we laughed, we relaxed. It was perfect. To two busy college students, it was a slice of heaven. Before we were going to call it a night I said "Oh no! I didn't get a new blog post written!" He told me it was OK and that I could blame it on him and just say "No new post. Was distracted. Damn boyfriend!"

Boy is he going to regret saying that! Now that I have his permission, I have already come up with several ways to fully take advantage of it: I have nothing to wear. Damn boyfriend! My apartment is a disaster. Damn boyfriend! I'm late for work again. Damn boyfriend! I'm out of beer, wine AND vodka? DAMN BOYFRIEND!!!

Not quite the same as "Damn cat"... IT'S BETTER!!!

I'm so going to be single forever...

Blogfully yours,


kel said...


Cat said...

Hey, would you ask him if it's ok for me to blame him, too? Thanks!

Sarah Bellum said...

This is me not making any ED (erectile dysfunction) jokes. You're welcome.

Courtney and Jeff said...

This is why your blog is the best! LOL

Helmey said...

damn roofies!!

Anonymous said...

Haha! ... i don't know that you have his permission.. why blame pussy when cock and balls volunteered ???

C.S. Perry said...

Will I never understand women?
When I had a cat...he blamed ME for junk.
And I tried to blame my girlfriend/ex-wife for our can imagine how that went.
When do I get a break?