Friday, January 9, 2009

Sick as a Dog

What exactly does the expression "sick as a dog" mean? Did somebody have a really low oppinion of dogs, as in dogs are sick creatures? That seems kind of rude. For the record I am a fan of dogs. But unfortunately "sick as a dog" is how I have been the past few days. Sore throat, fever and full body aches. I slept for over 14 hours last night and woke up delirious and confused, I'm assuming form the fever. I was so out of it I wouldn't answer my phone or respond to texts. I knew I needed to take something to help my fever, but I couldn't think clearly enough to get out of bed. Any time I'd sit up I'd start shivering and lay back down again.

Eventually I did get up. I got my fever under control, ate some soup, drank some tea, got caught up on my DVR shows and I am starting to feel slightly better. I even managed to take down most of my Christmas decorations. Talk about a long overdue project. But now, I am exhausted again so off to bed I go.

Dog-fully yours,


kel said...

Somehow the germs have traveled through the Internet from you to me. Only, they seem to have gotten nicer during the trip.

I'm sorry I told you to sweat it out, I really do forget how crappy it is to be sick. Not that it stopped me from running last night.

Hope you feel better!

C.S. Perry said...

My Prescription: Drink More Whiskey!

Trust me...I'm a Medical Doctor.