Monday, January 26, 2009

Small Lake City

For a week strait my BFF Karina the Russian has been talking about how we need to go to Sundance. Not that we need to watch one of the films, but that we need to go to a fancy party and meet celebrities. Unfortunately the weekend she could get a sitter was this last weekend and from what I hear, all of the celebrities went home after the first weekend. Minor details to Karina, we were going to go out and have a good time damn it!

Karina called all of her connections and we were set to get into the Ed Hardy party at Harryos... for free ($100 door cover)! That is until 10 minutes before we were going to head up the canyon to Park City. I guess our connection decided that he wanted to stay in Salt Lake instead. My heart sank. UGH! Another night out in Salt Lake! But, ever the optimists, we decided that we were already all dolled up so we would go out.

I gotta tell you, going out in Salt Lake has lost it's appeal. I must be getting old or something. You see all of the same people, hear the same music and have the same night as you did the time before. Speaking of seeing people, it was like a convention of past suitors for both Karina and me. Suitors is such a horrible word, but I can't think of a better one. Luckily for me, ED was there to thwart them off. Poor Karina saw a guy that she really fell hard for until he disappeared off the planet. Luckily she looked smoking HOTT and I think he felt like an ass for ever letting her go. Serves him right.

Anyway, I am giving up on going out for a little while. Don't worry, crazy things will find me without bars or alcohol. I just seem to have a knack for finding crazy.

Blogfully yours,



kel said...

Hence the reason I left SLC after only 5 years....

Jeremy said...

If you think SL is bad... try Provo...

I am on the Bored of Directors down here.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Small Lake city it is! Good night tho.. as always no matter what. I agree with you.. we should lay low till we start missing our small lake mountain people... which would be for a long long time! MOVIE nights!!!!
you still need to watch Unfaithful, Bridget Jones and Wanted!!!

C.S. Perry said...

I know you're a little upset right now...So I'll pretend you didn't say that about bars and alcohol.

Erin Alberty said...

I haven't lived here long enough to get too entangled in SLC's tightly-incestuous web, but I noticed the Small Lake phenomenon right away. Blogged this awhile ago:

I still like the music, though!