Sunday, January 11, 2009

Adventures in Snowshoeing Part II

I am incredibly late in getting this post up but in my defense, I didn't have the pictures until Friday and I was sick on Friday. Not that you really care. But I feel better justifying why I am posting info that happened a week ago.

For my second snowshoeing adventure we had originally planned to go somewhere in Little Cottonwood Canyon, but it was 17 degrees outside and a shady canyon would have made it miserable so we opted to go to Millcreek canyon where we would be able to hike in the sun. We snowshoed along the Pipeline trail; a trail we hike in the summer and my second hike of 2008. My good friend Heidi came along to join in the fun. I think it is safe to say that we both had a great time!

Near the bottom of the trail, after veering off the trail and getting to sink our shoes in some serious powder, we were overcome with the endorphins running through our body. It was like we were on Ecstasy or something because everything became more beautiful than I ever remember it being before. The trees looked like individual masterpieces with the way the snow balanced on each branch, the bridge and stream that was half frozen over was the most picturesque image I had ever seen in my life, the snow was littered with diamond shards and the air cleansed my entire body with every inhale!

Heidi looked at me and almost in unison we said "Winter is so beautiful!"

Most days winter is cold. It is brutal, relentless, it lasts way too long and makes driving ridiculous. But on this day, way up in the mountains, winter was appreciated. Winter was beautiful.

Blogfully yours,


Jeremy said...

Is that a showshoeing congo line? Wow... lots of you went up there.

kel said...

You do make the snow seem awesome. Almost.

Erin Alberty said...

Wow! That looks great. Quite the parade you have there on Pipeline! I skied up there last year and LOVED IT.