Monday, January 19, 2009

Required classes require a new attitude

I am a 28 year old freshman in college. I have been a business professional since I was 20 in one capacity or another. I have worked my way up in whatever field or company I have been employed with because I work hard and I am a quick learner.

As a freshman starting out there are, of course, a series of required classes you must take. I am in 3 of them this semester. My Monday night class is COMM 1010. When I told a good friend of mine that I would be taking this class he laughed and said that I could teach the class. At first I dismissed this as a kind thing to say and was pleased that he thought so highly of me, but now after attending class, reading the syllabus and skimming through the book, I am quite confident I could. This is not so much a boast on my part but a slam on how simplistic this class is. To be fair, I work in a communication industry and have for over 5 years. I am sure to some of my 18 or 19 year old classmates learning about writing formal letters and proper phone etiquette will be of great benefit to them; I'll be the girl in the back of the class hanging herself.

I am well aware that I need an attitude adjustment. I swear I am working on it! I am sure I can learn something from this class. My skills are not perfect and can always be improved upon. However, the most encouraging thought I've come up with is there are only 12 (normally 15) classes due to national holidays and the teacher taking a vacation. I can suffer through 12.

If nothing else, I can always make myself available in case the teacher needs a sub. There's one way to ensure an A.

I can do this.

Blogfully yours,


AmyS said...

Maybe your professional experience can bring you some more money - talk to the teacher about the content and offer to tutor some of the students if they are having issues. Good Luck in your schooling!

Anonymous said...

attitude adjustment????? Do YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE???? FUREJESUS!!!!
you are the best of the best! keep it that way!
Boats and Hoes!

Courtney and Jeff said...

Try having your major communications (journalism and broadcasting) and a teacher who taught Comm 1010 a journalist who couldn't make it, so he became a college professor! I totally know how you feel about that class. I barely attended and still got an A - even though he hated me because I was on the newspaper! LOL

Courtney and Jeff said...

I still think it's awesome you're going back to school - I'm envious!

Anonymous said...

You know you can test out of most general ed classes and receive full credit for the class right? Usually only costs $200. :)

Erin said...

Welcome to higher education! When I was in Michigan, I talked to my coworker about her journalism major. She said she learned nothing useful. I think I was caught up after 3 months on the job.

Maybe you can speak to your prof/adviser about taking a more appropriate course to fill the requirement. Like, with skills you can use.

Helmey said...

I'm teaching Russian Roofies, Crown Royal, and Ninjirate-ing 101 this semester at the U… If you need any more electives check 'em out…