Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009!

Much like Christmas, Karina the Russian was my date for New Years Eve this year. We went out, we caused a scene, we took pictures! Enjoy!

In reality we are just a bunch of nerds. Sometimes we even catch ourselves on film in all our nerdy-ness. This was the getting ready pre-party at Karina's pad.

It only took 2 1/2 hours of getting ready, but this was my end result.

Happy New Years! I hope it was great for everyone.

Blogfully yours,


Anonymous said...

Such a great night!
So much happened ..
you got married and had puppies and moved to a trailer home...
I had a stranger tell me that he was soo grateful to have me in his life..
Oh and spider man wondered in the club and met us with the biggest boner EVER!
Oh and a man of my dreams had enough guts to tell me HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! which just completed my whole night!

.... This is what i'm talking about... what a funny "crotch mafia" episode would that be?????!!!!!

The Russian

Anonymous said...

i'm writing a proposal to abc, vh1 and oxegen network!

rachael said...

You looked fabulous. I had a great New Years Eve, I worked, don't feel sorry for me, as a singer I want to work on New Years. :)

Super cute pics girl, glad it was a good night. :)

Jeremy said...

Ahem... can you say hot?

You look very nice in that dress...

(oh and so does your crotch - is that how it goes?)